Pigtown rings nostalgic for those Brooklynites who know.

The neighborhood known today as East Flatbush was once a mass of sprawling unpaved roads, shanties and land used for pig farming - a Wild West populated by Italian, Irish and Jewish immigrants. Pigtown's history is a rich folklore  unknown to many of today's residents - that of a place that was host to raucous gangster  violence and lawlessness.

Fast forward to the 1960's...

By now the name is long gone, the streets are peppered with wood-faced Victorians and row houses. Brooklyn is urbanized and the area is home to a small but culturally significant renaissance. Doo Wop lives. Murray the K at the Brooklyn Fox lives. The Paramount Theater lives. The scene is set at a candy store owned by a woman who runs numbers out of it. Her son, a young greaser, uses his mother's store as a headquarters for his gang.

The name of that gang is PIGTOWN.

This man grew up to be the father of Michael "Kaves" McLeer, a child of love born and raised in Brooklyn who made his bones following calls of creativity - from writing graffiti on NYC subway trains to tattooing to music-making to painting canvases the world over.

PIGTOWN ATELIER uses this rich history of a borough and a family to weave itself into the present.

Located in Industry City, Brooklyn PIGTOWN TATTOO & ATELIER serves as a bustling creative hub - a mercantile store, art space, and tattoo shop. A living room. An art studio. A place for trinkets, memories, talking, painting, thinking, making.

PIGTOWNATELIER.COM is the online extension of that space where you can purchase from a curated collection of goods and artworks.

So with this we say HELLO and WELCOME.